• Disclaimer

    The Anchor Pacific group of companies (“Anchor Pacific”) was established in 2015.

    Anchor Pacific Alternative Assets Corp. (“APA”) was formed on April 29, 2015 and is a multi-faceted globally focused financial consulting and advisory practice that delivers services, strategies and solutions to providers and consumers of alternative asset management products. APA was established to offer non-discretionary consulting and advisory services (“Consulting and Advisory Services”) and is not registered as an Investment Advisor in any country or jurisdiction. APA provides consulting expertise in the field of alternative assets to asset managers, investment advisors, and portfolio managers, who ultimately maintain full and complete independent discretion with respect to the implementation of any business and/or investment undertakings on behalf of their respective organizations.

    Anchor Pacific Investment Management Corp. (“APIM”) was formed on October 6, 2015 for the purpose of creating an investment management platform that would offer discretionary/delegated investment solutions to private and institutional investors. APIM is presently registered as an Adviser in the category of Portfolio Manager with both the Alberta Securities Commission (the “ASC”) and British Columbia Securities Commission (the “BCSC”), with the BCSC as its principal regulator. The Securities Act (British Columbia), National Instrument 31-103, and various provincial laws, regulations and notices (the “Acts”) sets out certain rules that relate to Anchor Pacific’s registerable activities of investment management (“Investment Services”).

    The two companies actively operating under the Anchor Pacific group umbrella share a common owner and Principal with the separation namely due to the undertaking of regulated/registerable and non-regulated activities as determined by the Acts. As Anchor Pacific offers specialized expertise in the area of alternative (or non-traditional asset classes), the group operates under the “Anchor Pacific Alternative Assets” or “ Anchor Pacific Alts” brand with all Investment Services performed by APIM and all Consulting and Advisory Services performed by APA.